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Rules of Play

  • Please read and adhere to all the Covid safety rules by watching our safety video on entering and listed on the front page of our website.
  • Parents / guardians must supervise children using ‘Run-About’ play area at all times.
  • ‘Run-About’ will not accept liability for any unsupervised children.
  • Parents / Guardians must remain close by at all times.
  • Please escort children to the toilet.
  • ‘Run-About’ accepts no responsibility for injury to persons or damage of property or loss of property whilst within the play area, café, car park or immediate surroundings.
  • Play equipment is designed to be used by under 10’s (or children under 1.4 meters) and should not be used by older children or adults except when assisting younger children and then only at their own risk.
  • Shoes must be removed and socks worn at all times whilst using the play equipment.  It is advised that long sleeves and trousers be worn also.  Any accessories like hair clips, jewellery etc.  should be removed as they could catch on safety netting.
  • You cannot consume food or drink that has not purchased at Run-About on the premises.
  • No food or drink must be taken into the play area.