Run-About – Book a Session

Run-About – Book a Session

Table Sizes and Capacity:

Small Table 2-3 People, Medium Table 2-5 People, Large Table 2-6 People (Capacity is based on combined number of Adults and Children)

In general all Run-About will provide 2 sessions a day Mon-Thurs, and 3 sessions a day Fri-Sun. All sessions will be 2 hours 15 mins long. If demand is high, or likely to be high, an additional session may be added on a Mon-Thurs.

Weekday Sessions Monday to Thursday

9.30 -11.45, 12.15 – 2.30

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

9.30 -11.45, 12.15 – 2.30, 3.00 – 5.15

If you miss the beginning of session, you can book by phone if we have free tables – 01252 370721.

Please Note: In order to book, a £5.00 non-refundable deposit is required, which includes a 30p booking fee. The booking fee is deducted from your credit, providing £4.70 toward your cost of entry. If your booking deposit is more than your total entrance price the balance can be used in the Café on the date of your booking.

  • After School Meal Deal Session 3.00 to 5.15 (Currently Friday’s Only)
  • After School Meal Deal = Entrance + Meal + Drink for £8.50 for under 4 years and £9.50 for 4 year old and older

Please Note: If you cannot attend on your booking date, the deposit and fee will not be refunded

Booking Problems If a Small table is not available at your preferred time, please select a Medium table.

If you are booking on your phone, on the last payment screen where you enter the last three digits from the back of you credit card – tab right and there is a space to enter your postcode.